these are the words that will not leave us of the places we have seen the people we have been the songs that form in our heads of faces who will not let us go to sleep these are the questions that have sometimes saved us other times shattered our bare selves we have hit some highs we have drowned in lowly lows but pointzero somehow feels like balance for here we do not have to please.



On June 2nd 2017, the movie that I had missed at NYIFF would get its India release. The following day, hours after this shot, nine of us would all have made a post-midnight trip to Glen Cove with a ‘royal’ stop to gather firewood, all to be stopped to be told, “For Residents Only”—like all privileges are—in structured capitalism. Between these hours of the release we would not get to watch and the firewood that we would not get to light, these sisters would listen to each other. A in somewhat center of the frame, K completely out of the frame.


One thought on “pointzero

  1. Hello there ! I’m Prastab Tamang all the way from KTM. I have listened all of your songs and really loved all of them. I basically prefer reality based words that’s what you put on your songs. Every single song of you made me cry several times and this morning as well did, you got really powerful lyrical skill so gotta do more as much as possible for instance, not only about frustration and depression but also about encouragement and inspirational. Lastly, I also do write songs and lil bit composition and also sing for my satisfaction you can check those out too if you want to. Cause we couple ft in future. Have a great life ahead god bless you !!!

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